The 10 cities that will make you believe in Santa Claus again

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, no matter where you are. However, there are some places where this celebration is especially magical, whether for its snow, its beauty, its parties, or its atmosphere. So for you to enjoy it to the fullest, today we take you to discover the ten most Christmas cities in the world.

Before you begin, consider that many of the usual activities will not take place because of the pandemic.

The ten most Christmas cities in the world

Vienna, Austria

The world’s most Christmas cities

In tenth place on our list of the most Christmas cities globally, we have the beautiful Vienna in Austria. One of the most spectacular cities in the world, it offers everything from endless attractive Christmas markets (full of culinary delights and drinks such as the Weihnachtspunsch (Christmas punch), classical music concerts, beautiful lights (in places such as the Opera House, K’rntner Avenue, the Graben, the Hofburg Palace, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral). Learn more.

Strasbourg, France

In the ninth position of our selection of the most Christmas cities globally, we have Strasbourg, “The Capital of Christmas” in France. In this beautiful city, you can enjoy experiences such as admiring a gigantic Christmas tree, strolling through the Christmas markets, being amazed by the lights of rue des Orf. Vers, enjoying art exhibitions, and much more.

Praga, República Checa, de las ciudades más navideñas del mundo

Another city that could not be missed is, of course, the splendid Prague. Here, Christmas is lived to the fullest, both strolling through its beautiful illuminated Old Town to taste its tempting delights, such as Trdekník (a fried cone stuffed with ice cream), exploring its magical Christmas markets, enjoying concerts and shows, and much more.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh doesn’t fall behind either when it comes to Christmas magic. This iconic Scottish city is not only one of the most beautiful in Europe, but the perfect place to enjoy the holidays like never before. From getting lost in a hurry in its beautiful old town to enjoying the lights, breaking the diet at the Christmas market, having fun in Santa Land, getting adrenaline pumping on the Big Wheel, or getting on the cute carousel at East Princes Street Gardens, there’s something spectacular in every corner. 

London, England

Although it is perfect for visiting all year round, the English capital is especially magical during the holidays, so it is in sixth place in the ranking of the most Christmas cities in the world. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from traditional Christmas markets to ice skating, attending entertaining events such as concerts and plays, shopping, enjoying culinary experiences (such as Christmas afternoon teas), and taking special city tours. 

Salzburg, Austria

The world’s most Christmas cities

Salzburg’s iconic city is also one of the most spectacular cities in the world to celebrate Christmas. Its must-see experience is to visit its incomparable Christmas markets, with more than five centuries of history and tradition, as well as go to Christmas concerts in legendary chapels (such as the “Night of Peace,” where the famous carol was created), be part of traditional celebrations, visit the Christmas Museum, see exhibitions of the Nativity and more.

Nuremberg, Germany

The world’s most Christmas cities

For lovers of Christmas markets, Nuremberg is the best destination in Germany. Here is the Christkindlesmarkt, the most famous in the country, founded in 1628 and which every year receives thousands of visitors from all over the world. It has over 180 stalls with everything from delicacies like gingerbread, roast sausages, hot blackberry wine, handicrafts, carols, and much more.

Quebec City, Canada: one of the world’s most Christmas cities

The world’s most Christmas cities

The bronze medal of the world’s most Christmas cities is for beautiful Quebec City, one of Canada’s most beautiful destinations. This destination that looks like something out of a fairy tale awaits you with unique experiences, lights everywhere, a white veil that falls in love, and incomparable flavors. On your visit, you’ll be able to tour old Quebec, transformed into a Christmas villa that looks inspired by a Charles Dickens novel, visit the palatial Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel, ice skating, interactive exhibitions, enchanted garden walks, shopping at The Grand Christmas Market and outdoor activities.

New York, USA

The silver medal of the world’s most Christmas cities is for New York in the United States. The Big Apple is synonymous with unique celebrations, extravagant décor, and unique experiences. Especially note the spectacular Christmas tree more than 25 meters high from Rockefeller Center, the decoration of Sixth Avenue, the Christmas show of Las Rockets, the ballet of “The Nutcracker,” the Christmas markets, the Bryant Park ice rink, shopping at Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue and clear, Central Park.

Rovaniemi, Finland: the world’s most Christmas city

Located near the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, in Lapland, is the official home of Santa Claus. Here, there are Christmas villas and a theme park dedicated to Santa but activities such as reindeer sledding, observation of The Northern Lights, incredible creatures such as polar bears, winter sports, and even ice palaces.

Other of the world’s most Christmas cities that did not make our list but deserve a special mention include Montreal, Vienna, Tokyo, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Rome, and Reykjavik.

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