5 business ideas trending in the United States

McDonald’s, Subway, Seven-Eleven… The United States can boast great successes in the franchise. From New York to Los Angeles, the country has thousands of successfully networked businesses. And some have made a lot of money by duping these success stories. So why not do the same in France by choosing the right idea that will be successful!

The excellent business deals of the USA!

The original concept to import from the US

On its website, the American real estate specialist Re/Max prides itself on being the network that carries out the world’s most real estate transactions. It must be said that the brand has 123,000 real estate agents in 100 countries. Established for 45 years, Re/Max remains confidential in France. So to stand out in a highly competitive industry, why not bet on this nugget from Colorado?

Trending concepts that are developing

  1. Steak n Shake
  2. Gourmet Burgers and Milk Shakes
  3. Gourmet burgers, homemade and 100% French
  4. American diner restaurant
  5. Bagels – Burgers – Salad’Bowls – Coffee shop

The old or new concept of fast food in the USA?

To succeed in starting a business, it is better to target a concept that has a proven track worth of pictures. What about Taco Bell? This Mexican fast-food behemoth has built its success on tacos at 19 cents. While the brand’ stacosnow sells for between $1.19 and $3.29, they are still as successful. And when you see the excitement around this market in France, with brands that use social networks to reach a young target and retain fans, opening a Taco Bell can be an idea.

When you see the queue in the Dunkin’ Donuts in Amsterdam, you think that donut fans would like to have such a concept in France. This product is aimed at a young clientele who were raised watching Homer Simpson feast on its round and holed cupcake. Dunkin’Donuts has more than 15 million fans on Facebook, which French network has the same score… We’re still looking for him!

An innovative concept in fitness in the United States

In the United States, as in France, fitness is a growing business. In addition to the Atlantic, Planet Fitness is one of the largest players in the market. The key to success? a subscription starting at $10 a month. Low-cost fitness since 1992 has its followers. Franchised since 2003 in the United States, Planet Fitness has more than 1,600 clubs, 12 million members and has grown in Canada and Latin America. When is France?!

Franchise USA in the hotel industry

Hampton Hotel holds the keys to the MARKET in the USA with nearly 1,900 properties in the hotel category. Owned by the Hilton Group, the brand is based in 16 countries. To continue its growth, the network now targets China. France has not yet been chosen to represent the brand. This is an excellent opportunity for a master franchise for an ambitious project holder!

Find out how to import a foreign concept to France.

Before being the first French franchisee of a foreign concept, we are often the master-franchised.

As such, the name will be imported into France and developed by recruiting franchisees yourself. So you have to have strong shoulders and a well-stocked wallet to hope to grow an American brand in France.

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