22 Services You Can Offer As Virtual Assistant

Services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant and earn a lot of money.

Services like Virtual Assistant are in demand more now than ever before. In addition to being more comfortable for your customers than personal assistants, you can also hire multiple clients at the same time, work remotely, and take on the workload that best suits you and your business.

And the best thing ever? The sky is the limit when it comes to services that you can offer as a virtual assistant. And if there’s no limit, that means your income potential keeps going up and up.

1- Administrative Assistance

Services can be provided to people who are running a company. For example, you can make spreadsheets; organize tasks, schedules, schedules; manage emails, etc.

2- Commercial Assistance

It is possible to prospect customers to present products in the commercial area, make sales, schedule meetings, etc.

3- Bookkeeping

Most people hate accounting because they don’t have time, but it is essential to maintain a healthy company’s health. So whether it’s sending invoices, paying bills, helping to prepare taxes, or paying payroll to employees, there are a ton of services you can offer under that umbrella.

4- Remote Desk

You can make appointment appointments; Customer contact, and all kinds of work that a secretary would typically develop within a company.


5- Graphic design

When you own a business, your graphic design needs are longer than you ever imagined. So if you can create business cards, sales sheets, or logos for customers, this is the right deal for you.

6- Online marketing

Everyone needs online marketing, no matter what your business is. From creating ads on Facebook to providing banners, creating content is undoubtedly part of that. But he also sells himself as an online marketing auditor. See where your customers appear in online marketing and make recommendations about where they should be.

7- Social Media Management

Almost everyone knows the benefit of social media, but this is another area for which many entrepreneurs don’t have time. Create content calendars for your customers that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and show them what to post and when.

You can also create content for all of these social media sites so that your customers have a broad platform across multiple media.

8- Social media ads

Open your social media accounts, and you’ll probably see a lot of ads. That’s a great way to publicize your business. Therefore, add Instagram and Facebook ad content (writing and design) as part of the services you offer as a virtual assistant.

9- Customer Service

Large companies are like that because of excellent customer service. But in addition to social media, customers can engage with a company by email, on the “contact us” page on a website, or by phone. If you like working with people, this will be an excellent task that will help entrepreneurs.

10- Customer Service by Chat

Many eCommerce sites now offer live chat as a way for customers to communicate and ask questions about a business. Offering this type of real-time customer service will allow you to provide a more personalized service to your customer base.

11- Recruitment

Helping clients recruit for open positions (whether full-time or contract work) is an essential service. Starting with listing jobs on local job sites and LinkedIn, this also includes creating interviews and pre-selecting potential employees.

12- Affiliate Management

Simply put, an affiliate manager handles websites that host affiliate links to their customers’ companies. If a customer clicks and makes a purchase, the site will charge a small fee. However, getting into this type of marketing can be very lucrative for your customers, which is why it’s smart to offer this service.

13- Influencer campaign management

Influence programs are everywhere these days. And while your client may be aware of them, he may not know how to get involved. That’s where you can help identify influencers, send your client to them, help negotiate contracts, and track campaign results.

14- Competition and giveaway management

Contests are an excellent way for companies to increase their engagement and attract new customers. In your area of expertise, you can recommend potential sponsors and partnerships, secure prizes, communicate rules, moderate entries, choose a winner, and deliver the award.

15- Research Assistant

There’s no end to a businessman’s research. Whether your customers need a market analysis by their competitors or an audit of their target customer base, having the ability to complete many different types of research projects will help make them marketable as a virtual assistant.

16- SEO Services

This is optimization for search engines, if you don’t know, and helps increase traffic to a site. They ensure that the SEO-optimized customer site puts them in front of the target audience and qualified leads to decrease the time they spend on creating content and positions them as a brand leader in their niche.

17- Travel agent

For customers who regularly travel on business, a service you should offer as a virtual assistant includes travel planning. These fun tasks can help a time-limited business owner, from booking airline tickets and hotels to booking dinners for customer meetings.

18- Email Management

An email box full of jams can prevent business owners… Well… do business. As part of this service, offer to set up a system to organize and respond to incoming messages, forward messages to appropriate team members, write response emails to your customers’ most common questions and set up automatic filters.

19- Project Management

Many companies have internal project managers and for a good reason. They’re the ones who keep a company full steam ahead. From project start and schedule management to scheduling team meetings and creating processes that help businesses run more efficiently, you can offer so many skills under this umbrella.

20- Formatting e-books and courses

Many online entrepreneurs offer courses or e-Books as another form of revenue. But while they may have the content, they may need help choosing a layout, choosing fonts, organizing footnotes and endnotes, and more.

21- Event Management

If your client wants to organize a small conference, workshop, or team event for their employees, many companies need a person on board willing to manage and plan events. As a virtual assistant, you may be asked to find sponsors, secure a venue, provide accommodation for guests, promote the event, or ensure restoration.

22- Creating Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most robust strategy to increase conversions, drive sales, build engagement, and build trust with your customers.

Creating videos for your business delivers many positive results.

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